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Combining marketing & sales knowledge with buyer intelligence and insights, Knowledgence Associates assists clients with the development and delivery of strategies, tactics, training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Customer-Focused Value Propositions
  • Relationship Marketing Framework™
  • Partner/Channel Readiness Programs
  • Optimized Content Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Territory & Major Account Planning
  • Sales Process & Skill Development

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Are You Selling Your Value Proposition Short?



There are lots of resources, conversations, and challenges out there about the “value” of a value proposition. It makes you wonder, given that the buyers have pretty much hijacked the sales process,do we really even need value props anymore?

Today, the majority of value propositions out there are predominantly product or service focused, rather than buyer-focused.  They are designed from the inside – out, which is problematic for buyers. Why? Because they want to hear about VALUE – how your offering impacts their business, goals, objectives and challenges.

Knowledgence Associates, in partnership with IDG Connect, conducted a survey of buyers to find out more about what their value proposition experience is like, what is working and what is not.

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