Knowledgence® Associates

Combining marketing & sales knowledge with buyer intelligence and insights, Knowledgence Associates assists clients with the development and delivery of strategies, tactics, training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Customer-Focused Value Propositions
  • Relationship Marketing Framework™
  • Partner/Channel Readiness Programs
  • Optimized Content Marketing
  • Social Selling Training
  • Sales Process & Skill Development
  • Territory & Major Account Planning

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Breaking through all the “chatter” that your prospects and customers are subject to – this is every sales and marketer professional’s challenge.  You don’t want to just add to the noise; you want to add VALUE! This e-book is a collection of articles written by Lisa Dennis, president of Knowledgence® Associates, that provide insight into the strategies and tactics of successful marketers and salespeople, and demonstrate how to operate successfully at the intersection of Marketing & Sales. Among the articles you fill find in this eBook are:

  • What Sales Really Needs from Marketing
  • Your Sales Cycles is Not Their Buying Cycle
  • Time for a Value Proposition Reality Check
  • Creating a Customer Fit Index for your Territory
  • Finding Your “Lost Customers” – Relationship Recovery Tactics


Why Buyers Ignore Your Value Proposition

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