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Combining marketing & sales knowledge with buyer intelligence and insights, Knowledgence Associates assists clients with the development and delivery of strategies, tactics, training and coaching in the following areas:

  • Customer-Focused Value Propositions
  • Relationship Marketing Framework™
  • Partner/Channel Readiness Programs
  • Optimized Content Marketing
  • Social Selling Training
  • Sales Process & Skill Development
  • Territory & Major Account Planning

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You are a very effective salesperson. So, does that ensure that you will now be a great sales manager?

No, it does not.

Managing people who are doing the same job in which you have excelled is not the same as doing the job yourself.  It’s not even close.  And it is even more challenging when the people you now manage are your former peers.

Sales training expert, author, and consultant Alice Kemper asked 15 leaders in her field (including Lisa Dennis of Knowledgence) “What’s your best advice for a new or emerging sales manager to build a team of top producers who meet and exceed quotas consistently?”

She has collected their responses in an e-book entitled Luck is Not a Strategy: Crush Your First 90 Days, which you can download for free here!



Why Buyers Ignore Your Value Proposition

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