Knowledgence Associates focuses on these key areas:

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Sales Enablement

While sales training is a necessary and important part of arming the sales force for consistent revenue generation activities, the reality is that the majority of skills-based sales training dissipates in the field within 4 weeks of delivery. Why is that? Many programs deliver either “generic” skill that participants must figure out themselves how to integrate into their daily jobs, or include complex sales processes that are difficult to independently integrate in the field. As a result, many participants will default back to their own process fairly quickly. In order to ensure a higher level of integration in the field, the process of developing and delivering programs needs to change.

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Knowledgence Relationship Marketing Framework™

Both sales and marketing are charged with building mutually beneficial and strong business relationships. Each group drives to the same goals: relevant, targeted communications, trust, loyalty, commitment, and a stream of purchases. All of those goals are about interaction and engagement, and can be influenced by applying a framework that drives relationship marketing keyed to customer and prospect imperatives.

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Value Proposition Development

Determining what the value proposition is for your product or service can often be elusive. Typically value propositions are developed from the “inside-out” – with a focus on the product or service, rather than the customer it is trying to attract. Getting clear on what value your organization’s offerings deliver can depend on the point of view of a host of your team: product development, branding, sales, product marketing. The bigger question is what attracts a customer, and what the story that will resonate with them is. Many product or service-centric value proposition statements miss their mark because they are too inward looking.

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Customer Service Programs

Your customers are the reason you have a business.  But studies have shown that the single most common cause for customer defection is not price or product quality, but lack of proper attention being paid to the customer and his problem.  Sometimes, it’s not that your business is doing anything wrong, but a competitor raises the service delivery bar for your entire industry.  Thus, it is important to periodically evaluate your level of service delivery, upgrade crucial skills, and implement more customer-centric practices. Bottom line, it is imperative that you ensure that no customer or prospect ever feels neglected, ignored, mistreated, or taken for granted by representatives of your business.

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