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Host:   Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates

Landing a deal depends on relevant, consistent messaging to prospects in their language about their priorities.  Join Lisa Dennis, author of Value Propositions that Sell, and her guests, to talk marketing and sales messaging that drives results.

Watch the show the first Tuesday of every month on The Sales Expert Channel on brighttalk

The Messaging Workshop LIVE - Episode 5

Feedback From The Field

A Sales Leader talks about messaging. Getting Sales Messaging right – a look at the challenges & successes.

Recording Coming Soon....

The Messaging Workshop LIVE - Episode 4

Messaging for your Channel Partners

How do you pull messaging through to channel partners to get them to communicate and sell your offerings?

The Messaging Workshop LIVE - Episode 3

ABM Messaging

Taking it to the Account – the finer points of ABM Messaging

The Messaging Workshop LIVE - Episode 2

Campaign Messaging

Campaign messaging that drives buyer engagement. How to zero in on the right message and words at the campaign level.

The Messaging Workshop LIVE - Episode 1

Kickoff & Introduction

Introduction – purpose and objectives of the monthly workshop, announce line-up of topic and speakers.

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