Getting Closer Your Target Buyers

Getting Closer to your Target Buyers

We know that one size does not fit all, in anything, ever. So, it stands to reason that if your value proposition is focused […]

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Power Buyer Relevance

The Power of Buyer Relevance

Understanding that your value proposition must be relevant to your buyers’ needs is a long way from actually creating a value proposition that fulfills all the needs […]

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Your Value Prop Needs a Platform

Your Value Prop Needs a Platform

Most of us experience a value prop as essentially a tagline or an elevator pitch. Short, sweet, to the point. Because that is our […]

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Your Value Proposition Cure Insomnia

Is Your Value Proposition a Cure for Insomnia?

Throughout my career in marketing and sales, I have spent considerable time trying to craft messaging that would appeal to targeted audiences, both internal […]

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What Flavor Value Proposition Best

What Flavor of Value Proposition is best?

When many people think value proposition, they think oh, that’s easy.  You pick some target audiences, then start writing about features and benefits.  And […]

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Now Go Talk Prospects

Here’s the Value Prop – Now Go Talk to Prospects!

In businesses around the globe, marketers are feverishly working on creating value propositions that positively impact the sales process. But how well have we […]

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Inside Out Outside In

Inside-Out or Outside-In

When you have studied the number of value propositions that I have, some common issues seem to play over and over.  The sad fact […]

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Putting Value Back Into Your Value Proposition

Putting the “Value” Back into Your Value Proposition

Determining what the value proposition is for your product or service can often be an elusive pursuit. What value does your company deliver? To […]

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Is There Still Value to the Value Proposition

Is There Still Value to the Value Proposition?

Sometimes I wonder if the tried and true foundations of effective marketing and selling are still valid in a business environment in a constant […]

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