Science or Marketing?

I recently read an interesting article titled Engagement Energy: 10 Ways to Power Up Sales and Marketing to Capture Attention and Drive Action, that looks at engagement as “activating the brain” of the desired target.  This is based on psychology and neuro-science – but sounds like smart, externally focused marketing to me!

MyTop 5 of their Top 10:

1.  Ask questions

2.  Present problems

3.  Tell stories

4.  Paint Pictures

10. Add WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

The full article is posted on, and you will need a (free) log-in to read it in its entirety.  Well worth it, and if you’re a marketer, you should already be a member of this site. Lots of great ideas and resources here!

Lisa Dennis

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    As usual, Lisa Dennis is poignant, gets to the point, and brilliant. It’s not fair, I tell ya! Thank you Lisa for another great lesson.

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