Sales Letters: Focus, People! Focus!

We have all received sales letters that bore us to tears.  The writer goes on and on about themselves and/or their company’s wide range of products and services.  If we actually read these things all the way through, are we then motivated to buy anything?  Not really.

If your child is a little thirsty, you don’t blast him with a fire hose.  (Well, you shouldn’t, anyway.)  Same principal applies to sales letters.  If you know your customers are thirsty for something, you don’t need to blast them with everything you’ve got.  Give them a taste of what they are thirsting for, and they will come to you for more when they want more.

We discuss this concept in more detail here, and offer some tactical tips on how to focus your message so that each recipient feels you are speaking directly to him or her, with exactly what they are thirsting for.  We urge you to try some of these tips so that you don’t  overwhelm your audience, or bore them to the point of indifference.

One size does not fit all.  All sizes do not fit all, either.

— Lisa Dennis

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