To Transform Marketing and Sales Information into Customer Knowledge

Knowledgence Associates, a consulting firm founded in 1997, focuses on the intersection of marketing, sales and information management. Customer engagements concentrate on marketing and sales program development and execution for business-to-business products and services in the high technology, manufacturing, and information industries. We help you to leverage the marketing and sales knowledge assets that surround your customers, products, competitors, and marketing/sales personnel – designing and executing programs that deliver both sales results and market learning.

Develop a Broader Selling Base

The best sales people thrive on hard-won insight and instinct. They provide front-line intelligence and invaluable access to your customers’ wants and needs. But for the most companies the majority of sales come from a minority of their customers. The problem? Information, the key ingredient for growth, is often ignored, misunderstood, or simply has nowhere to go in the hectic, day-to-day world of Sales and Customer Service.

Integrate Sales and Marketing Strategy

The Sales perspective is critical to developing a well-formulated, go-to-market platform. Customer-focused, results-driven Sales intelligence must be combined with market, industry, and competitive information or you’re getting only half the story. As your company grows, as your Sales organization moves from taking orders to developing long-lasting customer relationships, integrated Sales and Marketing information provides the “knowledge traction” necessary for better understanding, deeper insight, and more successful customer engagements.

Increase Access to Customer Information

The best marketers are craftsmen of communications. They create the positioning and messages for your company’s products and services. They know what the industry is saying and what the competition is doing. But what about customers? Under the tremendous deadline pressures of product launches, marketing campaigns, and Web development, marketing professionals can become increasingly isolated from the audience that matters most – your customers.

Create a Knowledge Partnership

The Marketing perspective provides a strategic context for turning sales knowledge into a formula for winning new customers and earning long-term customer loyalty through improved, customer-centric products, services, and support. The ability to communicate and address customer needs is directly tied to how well your organization manages – and integrates – both its tactical and strategic information. As markets change, companies must change, strategically and operationally. And the key to successful, profitable change is partnership and communication between Sales, Marketing, and the customers they serve.

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