Mid-Year Report: How’s It Going?

Yes, it is July, people.  Q2 has just ended for many of us, and we are looking at giving our numbers a boost in order to salvage, or jumpstart, our sales.  And yes, this is probably the toughest time of year to figure it all out.

Why?  Vacations – your customers’s AND your salespeople’s – are one big reason.  And if you are below your YTD revenue targets, then there is pressure in the knowledge that time is no longer on your side as you try to catch up to those numbers.

I don’t bring this up to give you agita; rather, I bring it up to give you a heads-up.  Here are some things you can be doing now, as alternatives to praying or burying your head in the sand…

  • Define and refine your messaging for the fall.  You’ve got new offerings coming – prepare now!
  • Review and scrub your pipeline.  Don’t let hot and warm leads rot in the summer!
  • Review your referral strategy.  You’ve got to give in order to get, right?  Think about who you can help.
  • Plan for new demand generation activities.  Thinking about a newsletter or social media campaign?  What else is percolating?
  • Need a sales training tune-up? Now’s the time!  Make sure your sales team is ready for the stretch run!

You want more details, more ideas?  Click here!

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