Measures: Projects

  • MeasuresDesign and development of a Partner Readiness Process and Kit focused on bringing new channel partners up to speed quickly and efficiently.

    The project included developing an overall readiness process that can be customized to fit three categories of partner:  system integrators, application providers and technology providers. Two key aspects of the kit include a Strategic Readiness Overview Map and a Readiness Assessment Road Map. These tools are to be used to negotiate partner tasks and commitment, and to assess the current stage of a partnership at any given point in its lifecycle.

  • Development, project management and launch of a direct marketing database designed to support direct mail and fax broadcast activities for 90+conferences annually.

    Project included assembly and management of interdepartmental project team; development of end-user specification document, user-interface design and review, and beta testing plan; coordination of data conversion and data cleaning; establishment of data entry standards and database maintenance procedures; creation of text and online user guide, and automated bug reporting system. Developed launch plan and brought database live on time and on budget.

  • Project Manager of Information Access Project tasked with preparing an overview of the Marketing and Customer Service System reporting function.

    Analyzed all new report requests from end users; identified and recommended standard set of reports for in-house report module, designed an overview of the report structure, edited and prioritized user report requests. Evaluated and recommended a front-end reporting tool to integrate with the current in-house report module that would allow users to build their own ad-hoc reports.

  • Documentation of SQL report module for a Marketing and Customer Service database.

    Involved testing and bug reporting of existing report set, interviewing all departments on report usage, and developing a user guide for the complete report set. Documentation included a summary of multiple uses for each report, resulting in decreased report change requests made to the MIS department.

  • Project leader for Information Management Leadership Team tasked with evaluating status of in-house client support system, and prioritization of requests for system enhancements and bug fixes.

    Worked in tandem with MIS department to manage internal client expectations and to facilitate project management of 100+ backlog of end user requests.

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