Marketing is Just as Important as Sales (but you knew that, right?)

IMG_1264Here are 5 reasons why marketing is as important as sales.  I say that as someone whose professional focus is BOTH marketing and sales.

Of all the reasons listed in Sara MacQueen’s article, Marketing vs. Sales: Why Marketing is Just as Important As Sales, the one that resonates for me the most is this: we can’t assume that sales reps are the only path to the sale.

A good example is inbound marketing, which often plays a major role in moving a prospect down the sales funnel.  Thinking that lead generation is marketing’s job is one dimensional. It doesn’t really leverage all of what marketing brings to the table in a world where B2C customers research and buy directly from websites, and B2B customers research, learn, attend webinars, download content, and develop a short list of vendors before ever talking to a sales rep.

It is so past time to stop thinking about marketing and sales as two separate entities. What might this look like 10-15 years from now?

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