Struggling to Meet Your Sales Targets?

Luck is NOT a Strategy!

Back when you were selling, you never had much problem reaching your own sales targets. But now, as a sales manager, your job is getting top performance out of each member of a team, each with varying degrees of skills, experience, and motivation.  Completely different set of challenges.

Sales training expert Alice Kemper asked 15 leading sales training, authors, consultants and speakers:

“What’s your best advice for a new or emerging sales manager to build a team of top producers who meet and exceed quotas consistently?”

Every company is different. Yet the commonality between all businesses worldwide is each company has a product or service to sell and the sales are generated by the sales people. Discover the insider tips from these sales experts to motivate, engage and equip your sales team and you’re on your way to another stellar sales-busting year.

  • Take Off Your Cape To Be A Sales Manager - Lisa Dennis, Knowledgence Associates
  • The Fire Within -  Barbara Weaver Smith, The Whale Hunters, Inc
  • Newsflash: Your Salespeople May Not be Motivated Like You - Nancy Bleeke, Sales Pro Insider
  • You Are a Sales Manager, Now What? - Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling
  • Read these, and 11 other chunks of wisdom from some of the leading sales trainers across the U.S.

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