Levels of Service

We recently moved into new office space, which required us to get some new equipment and new services.  New phones, new phone service, new Internet connections, new wireless router.  We had to set things up fairly quickly, so we could be ready to work on Monday morning.

I was having some problems with the wireless router.  So I called Linksys technical support for help.  I spoke with one rep, a pleasant chap who diagnosed my problem to the point where he realized that he was not equipped to solve my problem.  He then gave me another number to call, where my situation would be escalated.  No waiting in a queue, this call went directly to a senior tech rep, a pleasant young lady who had a number of possible resolutions to my problem.  Unfortunately, none of them worked, either.  But she assigned me a case number, and gave me yet another phone number, where my case would be further escalated.  Again, no waiting in a queue – the call was answered immediatey by an uber tech rep.  This guy, while perhaps not as pleasant as the previous reps, walked me through a couple of options, had me keying stuff into places in my computer where I had never dared to roam, and then waited while I tested the the wireless connection, and lo and behold, my problem was solved!  And when I said, “My friend, you have solved my problem and made my day!” he actually laughed a bit.

The customer in me was served well.  The customer service specialist in me learned something about handling calls and passing situations up the ladder with a clear purpose in mind.

— Chuck Dennis


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