Jet Blue, You’re Making It Hard to Love You


Readers of this blog know that we have a soft spot in our hearts for Jet Blue.  We first wrote about them because of their great service and the overall superior customer experience they delivered.  Our personal dealings with the airline have been consistently great.

However, we also wrote about the Valentine’s Day debacle in New York, where a bad winter storm showed some gaping holes in Jet Blue’s ability to handle problems.  As you know, many people were trapped on planes on the tarmac for many, many hours.  And there was a domino effect for the rest of that week, where many, many flights were canceled or seriously delayed.

While Jet Blue certainly had no control over the weather, it did not have a workable back-up plan for foul weather problems, and hey, this is an airline… they had to have expected that problems like this could, and would, arise!

We applauded Jet Blue CEO David Neeleman, when he stepped up to the plate, took full responsibility, and came up with the customer bill of rights, which outlined specifically how Jet Blue would handle any future service catastrophes. 

But I don’t think Mr. Neeleman was ready for this.  As the airline has been earnestly trying to rebuild their tattered reputation, four of its employees are arrested for credit card fraud.  Seems as though a few of their customers, in a hurry or distracted by other matters, mistakenly left their credit cards at the Jet Blue desk in NY.  The Jet Blue employees who found the cards figured that the "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers" rule applied here, so instead of actually providing some courteous service for their customers by contacting the credit card offices and notifying them of the found cards, these Jet Blue employees (three "customer service" agents and one flight attendant, as well as a friend of theirs – get this, a corrections officer!) took it upon themselves to party!  They racked up charges at at liquor stores, restaurants and shops, including Bloomingdale’s and Victoria’s Secret!

Needless to say, while this is not a corporate issue per se, but the actions of a few bad apples, the fact that Jet Blue’s name has been dragged through the mud once again makes it very difficult for even their staunchest defenders to continue to carry the torch for them.  Mr. Neeleman, you’ve got your work cut out for you on this one.

    — Chuck Dennis

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