Gaining the CEO’s Trust

Just read an interesting blog post on about why CEOs don’t trust marketing.

Netting it out, they trust sales and finance exponentially because they are measureable – and speak the language of CEOs.  Marketing needs to be able to do the same. business-metrics

So how does one go about that?  KISSmetrics offers 7 Keys to Success in 2014 that marketing can use to up the ante and deliver the information CEOs need to hear.  In particular, there are 3 keys that I think are really relevant to increase credibility and effectiveness in communicating with your CEO.

The 3 Keys that I really like are

#1 – Create a Plan that includes digital marketing,

#6 – Set and Maintain a Strategy, and

#3 – Set manageable objectives and KPIs (in that order).

Sales and finance have got it nailed when it comes down to developing, delivering and articulating a plan with relevant and timely updates.  We in marketing need to bake in that same approach to how we internally communicate with the CEO and the rest of the senior management team. I believe building a marketing operational framework that integrates with Sales’ approach, and ties into how finance reports revenue is key to increasing trust and credibility.

All 7 keys are good – but if you focus on these 3, I think you’ll make headway with your CEO in 2014.

— Lisa Dennis

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    Sometimes it’s hard to get metrics on marketing but you are right, we need to do a better job of communicating results to the C-Suite. Marketing Evolution is a company that has tools for large companies to measure their ROI on marketing and it costs big company dollars but on their blog you can get some free ideas

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