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Sales Leadership Tips To End the Year Strong

It's never too late - or too soon! - to make a tweak in your process that will provide a quick positive impact on your sales team's success.  In this e-book, twenty-five members of Women SalesPros™ organization contributed ideas and tips for you to think about, as the year quickly comes to a close.

Among the articles you will find in this e-book are:

  • Stand and Deliver or Have a Conversation? - Lisa Dennis
  • Lead Your Team with Metrics and Measurement - Lori Richardson
  • How To Uncover Quota-Busting Salespeople Before You Hire Them - Jill Konrath
  • Prompting Employee Referrals - Trish Bertuzzi
  • Coach Your Reps to Make Better Sales Calls - Alice R. Heiman
  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Revenue 3x in 3 Weeks - Alice Kemper
  • Drive Positive Change by Doing This One Thing - Janice Mars
  • Prospect, Don’t Discount - Kendra Lee

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