Sell Better & Sell More:
23 Top Sales Experts Tell All

What ideas can help you grow sales?

This is the question we asked the women sales experts of Sales Shebang to tackle. But their challenge was also to provide you with ideas, insights and expertise that could be easily put into practice.

This eBook, nominated for the 2013 Top Sales & Marketing Award, includes answers from 23 of our experts, including Lisa Dennis, Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson, Colleen Francis, Colleen Stanley, and Andrea Waltz.

From strategy, positioning and planning to process, prospecting and closing, this eBook shares a wealth of opportunities for salespeople to elevate confidence, engage with style, and earn more business. In this eBook—amongst a multitude of additional things—you’ll learn:

  • The Buyer Way or the Highway
  • How to Stop Scaring Your Prospects
  • What to Stop Doing to Grow Sales
  • Why You May Need a Commodity Escape Plan
  • How to Execute Online Video Meetings Flawlessly
  • 8 Reasons You May Be Struggling in Sales
  • 10 Steps Introverts Can Take to Become Top Sellers
  • How to Start Conversations that Grab Buyers at “Hello”
  • Effective Ways to Ask for Your Buyer’s Time
  • How to Take Sales Rejections from Obstacle to Asset

Buyers are in a constant state of flux—just like sellers. Adapting to change must become a continuous process if sellers are to be successful at growing sales. Sell Better & Sell More is the handbook you need to keep the momentum going.

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