Rise Above the Chatter:
Customer-Focused Tactics & Strategies for Marketing and Sales Professionals

Make your message stand out from your competitors.

This e-book is a collection of articles written by Lisa Dennis, president of Knowledgence® Associates, that provides insight into the strategy and tactics of successful marketers and salespeople, and demonstrates how to operate successfully at the intersection of Marketing & Sales.

Ms Dennis is an accomplished keynote speaker, published author, and thought leader in the area of bridging the divide between Marketing and Sales to help build a clearer, more actionable path to B2B buyers.

Among the articles you will find in this ebook are:

  • What Sales Really Needs from Marketing
  • Your Sales Cycle is Not Their Buying Cycle
  • Time for a Value Proposition Reality Check
  • Creating a “Customer Fit Index” for Your Sales Territory
  • Finding Your “Lost Customers” – Relationship Recovery Tactics
  • Dear Everybody: Crafting Sales and Marketing Letters
  • Getting and Using Meaningful Customer References

While the topics of these articles may vary, the underlying theme throughout is that the customer viewpoint is the focal point of successful marketing and sales efforts.  This ebook provides both tactical and philosophical ideas that will help your business' message rise above the chatter of noise your competitors are making.

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