Digital Rich Media and the Information Pipeline

Now that the information pipeline is both fast and agile enough to read large files of
data, the internet can now easily be used to communicate complex and in-depth
messages using video and other digital rich media (DRM) that are both compelling,
memorable and most importantly, capable of marketing to very specific audiences. In
the dark ages of the Internet where simple text content ruled and grainy pixilated
images were the norm, the general internet user was almost always frustrated with the
on-line experience. With significant financial rewards and continued R&D, we currently
have new standards bringing together a global community of computer users who can
search, communicate and experience video streaming on the Internet. There is no doubt,
this is getting even easier to use and more and more accessible content is becoming
available by the hour. The impact of this convergence for marketing is dramatic –
moving past television to enable on demand brand messaging.

Integration is the Secret Sauce

By integrating 2D and 3D animations, video presentations, voiceovers, corporate
branding, design standards, dynamic charts, photography and illustration
organizations have an opportunity to tell comprehensive marketing messages in a
concise and memorable way. The ability to illustrate why a company is a brand leader
or to describe an organization’s core values, unique products or core services while
easily helping to establish credibility and awareness in this medium is unique. By using
CEO’s, customer testimonials, scientists, technology specialists, the presentation can
confirm a company’s capabilities and expertise. From wide audiences to very specific
markets, organizations can dial it’s messages down or dial them up, by very simply
creating individual portals on existing web sites to bring in potential customers, existing
customers, investor relations, HR candidates, training, eLearning applications or even
communications directed specifically to the employees of large organizations.

TV Style Communications

Whether the initial catalyst is to create an awareness campaign for new product releases
and services or other communications it is now possible to use all the tools of a TV style
campaign without going to Hollywood to achieve affordable and excellent production
value. The opportunity to use some of the most powerful visual tools to enhance both
content and user experience is invaluable. What many people don’t fully comprehend is
the incredible ease and impact of talking directly to their markets in a compelling
manner and the financial rewards of doing so in today’s highly accessible web based
information highway.

So why are more companies not seizing this opportunity? Why did Google buy
YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars in 2006? In a recent article in the Dec 2008 issue of FSB
Magazine, a recent survey states that “AT&T found that half of its’ small business
customers plan to purchase online video ads in the next couple of years. One video on a
company’s web site generated over 300 new customers for a local
restaurant in its first month on-line”. But is a simple, self-running video enough? That
all depends on what else a company is doing to maximize content and awareness
within all its integrated marketing efforts and how it wants to project its brand with
forward thinking, using some or all the DRM tools and other dynamic interactive media

Viral Placement Extends Reach

Exxon has been playing some beautiful and simply shot videos housed both on the
CNN home page as well as within the Exxon web site.  These small 45 second video
clips offer the visitors face time with a brand leader and a
different view into Exxon’s exploration and interests for alternative fuels and energy
solutions not to mention the assumed good will they are trying to spread around, in the
age of fluctuating gas prices and incredible profits. Clearly communication initiatives
can be populated strategically within an organizations’ public site or intranet site or
published within clickable banner placements on relevant paid web sites or even for
free strategic viral placement in web sites such as YouTube, Google Video, LiveLeak,
Dailymotion and a growing list of soon to be other players in this very big marketplace.
View General Electric’s video on YouTube.

What is truly remarkable about Digital Rich Media is there are so many ways it can be
used and tied together for repurposing with other branding messages such as for trade
shows booths, e-newsletters, social and business networking sites and other viral
marketing options. Affordable, compelling and memorable dynamic messages’ time has
come. Corporate leaders, CEOs, and VPs of sales and communications need to understand
the value of DRM, and to get their brand, services and products ready for their close-up.

— Steve Edson
© Knowledgence Associates, 2009 / All Rights Reserved

Steve Edson is president and creative director of Visual Stream Productions located in
Newton, MA. Visual Stream Productions is a creative and technology driven interactive
media agency specializing in helping companies use digital rich media for marketing
and communication initiatives. For comments or questions or more information, you
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