Case Study: Measures


Conference Company

Business Issues:
  • Company had a direct marketing database designed to support direct mail and fax broadcast activities for 90+conferences annually – and the database had major operational and technical problems.
  • Company had already invested over $200,000 in improvement efforts with a vendor and with a consultant – and still did not have a workable tool.
  • The ability to manage and track programs and to improve overall database management was considered a competitive advantage that many players in the industry were also struggling with.
  • Development effort was being driven with a technical specification document – but no formal user specification effort had yet been made. Only 1 end-user was involved in the project.
  • Assembly and management of interdepartmental project team.
  • Development of end-user specification document, user-interface design and review, and beta testing plan.
  • Coordination of data conversion and data cleaning of the entire database.
  • Establishment of data entry standards and database maintenance procedures, including training of all data control personnel.
  • Creation of text and online user guide.
  • Launched an automated bug reporting system.
  • Developed a launch plan and schedule resulting in going live on time and on budget in six months.
  • Ability to measure actual mailing list performance in generating event registrations.
  • Refined and improved marketing manager productivity in producing targeted event campaigns.
  • Allowed coordination and automation of other production efforts (logistics, inside sales, web production) so that events were handled consistently and efficiently by all company functions.
  • Generated additional registration revenue through better-targeted campaigns, as well as software revenue from licensing the tool to other companies in the industry.

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