Case Study: Meanings


Internet Infrastructure Company

Business Issues:
  • The client had launched a new partner program into the field. Coupled with the launch of a new product that required selling with partners – the field sales force was challenged with understanding the use of partners and why selling with partners was beneficial to the customer.
  • The goal was to improve the field sales force’s understanding of the value propositions for each of the partners to enable them to engage in partner deals faster and more consistently.
  • Conducted a Strategic review of all ePartner Value Propositions.
  • Included review of all existing partner value propositions, review and integration of the corporate value proposition, and creation of partner-type category propositions (system integrators, application providers, technology providers.
  • Developed a standard format which included the following components: Joint Customer Value Proposition/Proposed Offering/Differentiators, and two other key additions: a Partner Sales Rep Value Proposition, and a joint organizational value proposition (joint value for the company and it’s partner).
  • Delivered a portable Value Proposition Handbook that field sales could carry with them as they put together partner deals with customers.
  • Improved overall marketing and sales understanding of the key components of a usable value proposition.
  • Included the proposition of selling with each other, in addition to selling to the customer to helpthe sales force answer the question: Why should I sell with this partner?
  • New partner propositions were highly customized and specific – offering clear focus on the objective, the joint offer, and differentiators for each individual partner.
  • Raised the level of understanding of the ePartner strategy and the varied capabilities of the partners involved in the program among the company’s marketing, sales and management personnel.

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