Case Study: Mastery


Conference Company

Business Issues:
  • Client had developed and needed to rollout a proprietary multi-media CDROM sales presentation tool to 600 domestic and international sales people.
  • The software vendor had provided only minimal software documentation and did not have any training capability.
  • The new tool required changing how to actually present to a client – making the presentation process both more dynamic and more complex. Needed to ensure the Field Sales Force knew how and when to use this tool – and how to create and deliver an effective presentation utilizing multi-media technology.
  • Worked with the Human Factors group and beta group of sales people to determine the key areas for documentation and training.
  • Discovered software training had to be combined with high-end presentation skills training to ensure a smooth adoption by sales people unfamiliar with multi-media sales tools.
  • Included software usability factor evaluation, training curriculum development, and creation of user guides and all class materials.
  • Delivered on-site training to the company’s domestic and international sales force in 14 cities.
  • CDROM was launched in 14 cities in 4 weeks – enabling the entire sales force to use it for Q1 of the following year.
  • Provided sales force with context on when and how to use this within their own sales process – i.e. not just software training – but also how to embed it in their own work process.
  • Increased presentation skills ability across the country, insuring more professional and consistent messaging with sales prospects.

Sample Projects

Case Study: Mastery

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