Socially Speaking

As social media becomes more and more prevalent in business, two things have become apparent.

One, social media for business is about your customer’s and prospect’s preferences, not your own.  This means utilizing the platforms that your target audience prefers, not the ones YOU prefer.  This may seem like an elementary statement, but human nature often pushes us into our own
comfort levels, as opposed to places unfamiliar to us.  Find out where your customers and prospects hang out online, and make sure you have a significant presence there.  Don’t assume! Ask them; find out what they like about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  Then make sure you are there, giving them the relevant content that they desire.

Two, your social media platforms need to support and talk to one another.  People who find your business page on one platform should be directed to your pages on other relevant platforms.  In addition to the ubiquitous icons of Facebook, Twitter, and the like that now regularly appear on web pages and email signature files, many of these platforms themselves now allow for crosspollination.  For example, Facebook has an app that can lead people who land on your business page, and allow them to sign up for your Constant Contact newsletter.

As businesspeople, we know that there are few things move precious than our mailing lists.  These are people who are asking us to contact them, so it behooves us to provide easy access for them. Constant Contact and Facebook have done just that.  Check it out!

Let us know how you are sharing your social media pages with customers.  Or ask us questions about how to better leverage your social media accounts.  We’d love to exchange thoughts and ideas on this topic!

– Chuck Dennis

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